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Communication, IT, and Language Services

Alba Saga Digital Freelance OÜ offers a range of language, communication, and IT services, individually and as packages, that can be tailored to meet a broad range of needs. Among these are intercultural relations consultancy, editing and proofreading, software design and IT consultancy, Finnish-to-English and other translation in co-operation with accredited and internationally recognised translators, and voice work. In all of the services, emphasis is placed on clarity, accuracy, attention to detail, and sensitivity to context. This is achieved with the aid of personnel with a core background in English and language work, software engineering and development, algorithmics, anthropology, and communications and journalism, supported by a worldwide network of specialist partners.

The descriptions of services on these pages are intended as a starting point for a dialogue on how to address specific goals, needs, or ideas for projects - big or small. After browsing the site, please contact ASDF to explore how we can work together.

Estonia: +372 5697 1161
Finland: +358 40 573 4741

Alba Saga Digital Freelance

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