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Background and Experience of Key Personnel

Anna Shefl, Alba Saga Digital Freelance

I have a long-standing interest in communication and its associated issues, which I have examined from the standpoint of a journalist, instructor, communications and IT consultant, and proofreader.

At present, I work primarily with academic, corporate, governmental, and media clients in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Many years of localisation, polishing, and writing experience, for audiences of highly varied cultural backgrounds, have taught me the importance of each word. My academic background, much of which lies in social anthropology, proves invaluable in consultancy work too, where exploration of the particular aspects and types of 'boundary work' is often vital. My PhD project examined the extent to which various aspects of 'community' were maintained among a group of Roman Catholic nuns whose association spanned national and cultural boundaries, and the factors that could and did affect this.

Other experience includes doing newspaper work; preparing style guides; working with translators, academics, and other non-native speakers of English in a one-on-one setting; providing consultancy on accessibility, user interfaces, and other aspects of information technology; and developing instructional materials for younger learners.

A general curriculum vitae is available here, giving some ideas of my background and experience. Although confidentiality agreements often prevent disclosure of the details, you can contact me directly to get more of a feeling for my experience in the areas that are of interest to you.

Phil Carmody, Alba Saga Digital Freelance

My background is mathematics - Trinity, Oxford.

I spend almost all of my time as a software engineer nowadays. My CV is long and complicated, as I'm a bit of a David Banner character - going places, solving problems, and leaving when everything's sorted out. (OK, some companies would have problem after problem after problem, so I stayed for many years.)

Among my main interests outside the work arena are modern abstract strategy games and recreational mathematics. Whether at work or at play, I like to solve problems and like to find problems that I think I might be able to solve.

My work history and interests are described in my CV, available here, and you may contact me with enquiries and questions not answered there.

+372 5697 1161
+358 40 573 4741

Alba Saga Digital Freelance

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