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Types of Services

The services used most frequently by ASDF's EU clients, and Finnish firms in particular, are described below. Since this is not an exhaustive list and cannot take your specific situation into consideration, please have a look at the background page for information on particular skills and interests.

Intercultural Relations

Services in this category are designed for businesses or institutions with personnel from different cultural backgrounds or working in international environments. In addition to consulting on issues such as various aspects of communication, training or materials on relevant issues can be provided. In addition, project work on matters such as organisation and unity across national borders ties in with staff academic background and experience.


With many companies placing a focus on being assertive and competitive in the global marketplace, ASDF works with partners worldwide to offer appropriate, fluent communication with a culturally sensitive touch.

One important part of the internationalisation process is to ensure that everyone is 'on the same page' where presentation and use of terms are concerned. To assist in this process, ASDF works with expanding companies, translation agencies, and academic institutions alike in preparation of a house style guide. This valuable information dissemination tool enhances consistency of expression, aids in graphical branding, and provides a valuable resource for addressing tricky issues that arise often - so that mistakes need not be repeated.

Alba Saga Digital Freelance OÜ also offers instruction in communication in English-language contexts, with the option of on-site instruction or work with small groups of learners. Areas of special focus may include presentation skills and adapting to audience and context. Instruction or consultancy for a client's translator(s) or others who value quality professional communication is also offered, addressing issues such as levels of formality and finer points of grammar. One option for interactive learning involves flexible one-on-one discussion using the client's existing work as a starting point for examining matters of usage or style; clients for the latter have included academics and politicians from the US, Finland, Korea, and Taiwan. We are open to discussing your specific needs.

IT Services

ASDF's software engineering work, performed on a contractual basis, focuses primarily on real-time embedded systems, under Linux and various RTOSs. Areas of particular interest are efficiency and power management, with C, Perl, and sh being among the tools of choice.

Both content and its clear, effective presentation are vital to effective and reliable communication. This is the starting point in services such as review of Web site design and software consulting.

Projects have included accessibility consultation, security audits, and software consulting, with the latter covering any or all stages along the specification, design, testing, implementation, maintenance, and migration chain.

Language: Editing, Translation, and Localisation

Alba Saga Digital Freelance offers English-language proofreading, copy editing, and polishing services designed to ensure the highest possible quality of professional communication with your audience: customers, partners, stakeholders, and others Translations of Finnish material into English, as used in either the UK or the US, are available in addition (including 'authorised translation' stamp, where necessary). Other language pairs are available on request, through reliable long-term partners. In all of this work, the aims are clarity, accuracy, and appropriateness for the intended audience, with the source material's style carrying over flawlessly and transparently to the target version.

Editing services bring the advantages of the Internet and information technology to the personal customer relationship. Receiving and delivering material by e-mail, for example, makes it possible to respond quickly to urgent requests - turnaround times are typically quite short. In addition to companies in fields ranging from mobile telephony to welding (among them 15 of the 20 largest companies in Finland), clients include policymakers (in sectors such as defence and the environment) and agencies of various governments. Also, several translation agencies, academic institutions, and similar entities are regular clients of Alba Saga Digital Freelance or have been in such a relationship. Among them are the following:

In all of this work, the human element remains important - we are here to serve you. For example, while we have worked with materials for many fields, including specialist areas of information technology, law, banking, manufacturing, the pulp and paper industry, and medicine, your project might involve special needs. It can be helpful to confer with the client's experts or in-house translators to get a feel for a highly specialised project or the intended meaning of specific phrases/sentences. Projects have included:

Audio Services

Alba Saga Digital Freelance can make your voice heard - in English. A native speaker will deliver your message in promotional or other materials, whether you need a crisp, formal tone or a casual, more conversational style. Speakers of both US and UK varieties of English are available. Taping at your facilities is available.

Other Services

Programmes can be tailored to your needs, and we are open to interesting ideas for projects or research. Get in touch to explore the possibilities.

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