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We bring people and quality beers together...

We offer several types of beer and cider match-making, with the goal of helping to find the drinks that are a perfect fit for you. The ideal result is not only a list of beers to start the journey but a broader awareness - we hope to open people's eyes to the vast world of brewed beverages.

Restaurants • Entertainment venues • Bars and pubs • Service staff • Groups of friends/colleagues

If you would like to give your restaurant, pub, or entertainment venue a competitive edge by matching your beer list to your visitors' unique needs, ASDF can help. We can work with you to develop a solid core range of beers and ciders that represents you who are, what you want to be, and who your customers - or potential patrons - are. A little thought now can go a long way for the future.

[IMG: A happy pint] Owners and managers of restaurants are keenly aware that the foods never stand alone - they are part of a complete dining experience. The consulting we offer for dining establishments can be extended beyond beer lists to food pairings and beer descriptions / tasting notes. This provides an opportunity to show off the foods to best advantage and carry over your unique twist and attention to detail into diners' glasses.

Of course, beer lists and pairing ideas, however good, are only the beginning. For staff to be able to recommend brewed drinks to customers - to perform their own match-making - you might benefit from an afternoon or evening's training. This can cover, for example:

Other topics can be addressed too - whatever it takes for you to be able to serve and advise confidently, from a position of knowledge.

Finally, if you're 'just' an interested member of the public, we have the right match for you also. Are you looking for something a bit different for a group of work colleagues? Or maybe you're planning an upcoming hen night. An evening for learning about - and, of course, enjoying - what the beer world offers could be the ticket. If your group would like to taste and explore (for example, in Helsinki or Tallinn), we'll see what we can do.

[IMG: Belgian classware]

In all services, for fine dining or for friends and hens,
ASDF will find the match for you.

[IMG: Contentment]

Whatever your needs, in-depth knowledge gained over many years, spanning ancient and modern brewing traditions, lagers and ales, and several dozen countries, gives you access to a perspective that is hard to match.
So please get in touch. Telling us about your goals and your unique situation is the first step to making your beer vision a reality. It might be easier than you think.
E-mail is preferred, to (please put 'Enquiry' in the subject line, to stand out from the spam a bit more), but you may reach us in other ways as well, should that be more convenient for you.

Also, we have experience in closely related fields that ranges from helping brewers design their labels and marketing materials to judging in beer competitions. In addition, we offer preparation, polishing, and proofreading of English-language materials, as well as a range of IT consultancy services. Translation from and into the major European languages can be provided too, with the assistance of a network of trusted long-term partners.

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